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The county Can Charge Rent to Utilities for Use of Public Right of Way

The Washington State Supreme Court recently ruled that King County may charge rent to water, sewer, gas and electric utilities for use of public right of way. The Court’s ruling will significantly increase the cost of utility operations and will result in increases in your electric bills. The specific amount is not presently known because the County’s new rent charge has not been finalized. We don’t know when rent will commence (it may have already commenced due to retroactive provisions of King County rules) and when the Board will adjust the rates to cover this new added cost. 

Please Read Full Details in a Tanner Memo that is being sent out to all members in the March 1st bills.



 We urge you to contact the King County council members who have constituents in unincorporated King County. Listed below is their contact information:


District 1.    206-477-1001  (Sponsor of the Ordinance)

District 3.         206-477-1003  (Sponsor of the Ordinance)

District 4.     206-477-1004  (Supported the Ordinance)

District 5.       206-477-1005  (Sponsor of the Ordinance)

District 7.  206-477-1007  (Opposed the Ordinance)

District 8.            206-477-1008   (Supported the Ordinance)

District 9.               206-477-1009  (Opposed the Ordinance)