Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. It could mean big savings for your business.

5 Ways to Save While Improving Sustainability


Sustainability is more than just a buzzword, and it could mean big savings for your company, too. Here are five ways to improve sustainability and boost your bottom line.

1. Switch to digital documents where possible. With today's cloud technology and inexpensive online storage options, eliminating paper in the office has gotten easier. Imagine saving money on paper and the energy used to print in one convenient move. It could even eliminate the need to lease property for document storage.

2. Plant trees around your building. Planting trees is good for the planet, and it will add visual appeal to your property and reduce your energy bills. Leafy trees on the south and east side of your building provide cooling shade in the summer, while evergreens on the north and northwest side will shield you from cold winter winds.

3. Reduce packaging waste. If your organization uses packaging that gets thrown away or is considered disposable, try investing in something more durable. Reducing packaging or finding ways to reuse or recycle it can unlock huge savings.

4. Near source whenever possible. All businesses require resources to function, whether it's office supplies or raw materials for manufacturing. Near sourcing, or using vendors close to your location, can reduce your environmental impact and may save you money.

5. Ship full loads using ground shipment options. Ground shipments by rail or truck are more fuel-efficient and cost less than shipping by air. Plus, your full shipments will use less fuel than light loads and reduce your overall shipping costs.

With all that in mind, maybe it's time you rethink sustainability and start saving money.