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“The Mission of Tanner Electric Cooperative is to Provide our Communities with Exceptional Member Service at Competitive Costs.”

Steven W. Walter
Tanner Electric
Cooperative General Manager


Tanner Electric Cooperative  is a member owned electric cooperative with headquarters in North Bend, Washington. Serving members since 1936, Tanner Electric today has three major service areas in Washington State: Ames Lake, Anderson Island, and North Bend. Our office hours are M-F 7:30am-4:30pm

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Ames Lake

1/18/15 1:51am Tanner is experiencing an outage effecting the entire Ames Lake area. PSE is reporting multiple outages on the transmission line that feeds our substation. They did not give us an ETA at this time. This site, as well as the phones, will be updated as soon as new information is received.

3:45am Crews are reporting that Tanner does have some issues on our side of the transmission line. Multiple tree limbs and a broken span of wire. Repairs are expected to take at least a couple of hours. Site will be updated when we receive a better ETA.

4:11am Tanner's crews are saying they hope to have the power restored to the Ames Lake area in 2-4 hours.

6:26am The crew is reporting that they are still on track to have the power restored before 8am.

6:45am Power has been restored to Ames Lake. If you are still without power, please call the office at 425 888 0623 and follow the prompts to report a new outage.

01/18/2015 - 02:24

Anderson Island

No Outage updates to report for Anderson Island.

North Bend

1/18/15 2:23am An outage has been reported off of Mt. Si Road past the Middle Fork Park development. Crews have been dispatched.

4:15am Power has been restored.

01/18/2015 - 03:22

Weather Outages

There is no Weather outage information to report.