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View the Solar Project Monitoring System

New data available Click to view the online solar project monitoring system


Thank you for your participation in making this project a reality. In the future I will be updating the members as new information warrants it. 

 I did want to get you up to speed on the project and some interesting facts.

  • 47.9 kW array

  • 143 member participants

  • 6.5 Average shares per participant

  • Twice as many request for shares as the Community Solar Project could accommodate

  • Estimated generation for array is roughly 46,434 kWh/yr.

  • Could provide enough energy for 3.22 average TEC homes

  • 176 panels & 6 DC to AC Inverters

  • Initial hardware installation cost $150,000

  • 20 year estimate life of project

  • Washington State incentive expires June 2020



Two (2) top pictures are the 176 panels installed on top of equipment building located in North Bend. Bottom left picture is the six (6) inverters that converts the solar energy and puts back on the TEC distribution system.  The bottom right picture in where the production meter will be installed after receiving L&I approval. 


Timeline of expected events:


  • State L&I inspection during this week (July 25-29)

  • State Certification (end of July – Middle of August)

  • Bill credit for energy produced (Estimating September bills)

  • Annual State incentive read (June 30th of 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020)

  • State incentive credit on TEC monthly bill (3rd Quarter)


We are currently installing one (1) internet camera and load following software. Both of these will be on the Tanner Electric Cooperative website soon.

Once again, thank you for your participation in TEC’s 1st Communty Solar Project. If you have question please contact me at or call the office at 425-888-0623.


Best regards,


Steven W. Walter

General Manager

Tanner Electric Cooperative



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