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Mapping and Vegetation Trimming for ALL Tanner Facilities

Hello from Tanner Electric Operations,

Our Operations folks (Lineman, and GIS specialists) have undertaken an initiative to inspect, document, and attach GPS coordinates to all of our facilities that serve you, the Member. 

There are a few reasons for our personnel to take on this project.

  • Storm/fault Restoration
    • During a storm or fault, having GPS coordinates for our equipment helps aid efficient power restoration
      • A searchable database showing the exact location of our equipment is safer for our linemen
      • During outages, linemen get it back on as fast as possible.  Knowing where our facilities are helps them to dig in the right spot.  This means less damage to surrounding vegetation and clean up
  • Asset Management
    • In order to provide the best Member service, Tanner Electric needs to plan for the future.  Documenting exactly what we have in the field and placing that information into a searchable, evolving database helps us to determine which improvements to make each year
  • King County Ordinance 18403
    • King County passed an ordinance requiring Tanner to pay “rent” for any of our facilities residing in the county Right Of Way (ROW).  This additional cost would have to be passed down to our membership
      • Tanner and others are opposing the ordinance with a lawsuit
        • Tanner has a plan to mitigate the effect of the ordinance should our lawsuit be defeated.  Precise coordinates of our facilities reduces the ordinance’s impact by correcting the County’s estimate of our facilities inside of King County ROW.  This will reduce the amount Tanner will be forced to pay

Since this is a system wide initiative, I thought it best to let all of our Members know that our Operations Crew will be a little more visible than normal.  When you see them, please don’t hesitate to ask who they are and what they are doing.  They will be happy to identify themselves and answer any questions you may have. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to ask that you review our standards (below) regarding vegetation near Tanner equipment.  Access to our lines and facilities (the green boxes in your yard and along the roads) is imperative for safety, reliability, and restoration of power.  We would really appreciate the trimming or removal of any shrubs, trees, or other type of planted vegetation within 4 feet of the sides or 10 feet of the front of our equipment.  Those distances allow for safe access to the equipment that provide you power.  As part of our mapping, our crews have been instructed to trim or remove any vegetation that encroaches on our equipment.  Again, our crews have been instructed to make sure that they can safely access our equipment and will trim, prune, or remove anything that hinders their access. 

Of course, Tanner will work with any member that would like time to move their vegetation in lieu of trimming or removal.   If you wish to request a site visit to discuss vegetation that is encroaching on the 4 and 10 foot zones around our equipment please call the office (425) 888 0623 and we will gladly come and work with you. 

Please review the TEC standards here and feel free to call and ask questions. 


Have a great day!

Nick Himebauch

Tanner Electric

Operations and Engineering Manager

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