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FAQs on Engineering

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We are here to help you through the process of getting electrical service to your residence and/or place of business. We will discuss fees and electrical requirements with you.

How do I get the information I need to get started?
All new construction projects, including new service hookups, are initiated through our Engineering Department. The Engineering Department will release all new construction projects to the Operations Department once all the requirements are met. Service hookups are automatically scheduled unless the Engineer has noted other types of arrangements, such as Customer to coordinate, pre-construction meeting required, etc.

How do I schedule a new service hookup?
The schedule a new service hookup you need to contact the office at 425-888-0623 or 1-800-472-0208 and speak with the Manager of Operations and Engineering.

What do I need to do to relocate or to increase the size of my electrical service panel?
Call the Manager of Operations and Enginnering to discuss your plans. All new and modified services are required to be placed underground. We will work with you to determine the size of panel you need. The typical electrical service panel is now rated at 200 amps and is suitable for most customers.

Why are all new and modified services required to be placed underground?
In 2007, the Board of Directors approved the requirement that all new and modified services are required to be placed underground. Surveys of our membership have supported this requirement in an effort to provide more reliable and aesthetically pleasing service to our membership. The majority of service related outages have been attributed to trees falling on the service drops; when they are underground this can't happen.

How deep should my service trench be?
Minimum required cover is 24 inches.

Can phone and TV cable go in the same trench?
Yes, with a minimum of 6 inches of horizontal and vertical separation.

Can I put my sewer tight line in the same trench as my service cable?
Yes, but there must be a minimum of 4 feet separation.

Can I install my own electrical service?
Yes, but all work must be approved by a licensed electrical contractor.

Can I directly bury my underground conductor?
No, all service conductor needs to be in gray wall, Schedule 40 or thicker, electrical approved conduit.

Can I have my meter base installed on the back of the house?
NO. That is not acceptable. Please contact the Manager of Operations and Engineering with regards to approved meter base locations.

If the power lines in my area are being converted from overhead to underground, do I have to convert (underground) my overhead service to my house?
No, you are not required to. However, we are offering incentives to encourage our members. Tanner Electric Cooperative will provide the necessary conduit and wire while waiving the fees if the service is converted within six months time of our system conversion in your area. The customer is responsible for hiring an electrician, providing the trench and arranging any necessary permits and inspections. The Manager of Operations and Engineering can provide trenching specifications and information on state permits and inspection requirements.

What size wire should I run for my service?
The meter base size determines which size service conductor you need to purchase. Typical service conductors include:
  • 320 amp panel = 2 runs of #4/0-4/0-2/0 AL USE (218 feet or less)
  • 200 amp panel = #4/0-4/0-2/0 AL USE (218 feet or less)
  • 350-350-4/0 AL USE (over 218 feet, but less than 341 feet)

Can I buy my service wire from Tanner Electric Cooperative?
No, Tanner Electric Cooperative does not sell underground service conductors, wire or meter bases.